Shipped Shield FAQ's

Shipped Shield is a hassle-free solution for resolving shipment issues related to damage, loss or theft, simplifying the process to get a replacement or refund quickly for customers.

We are excited to partner with ShippedShield to offer you a top-notch shopping experience and the peace of mind to know your package is covered from our door to yours! Here are a few FAQ's that you may find helpful.


Rest assured, if your package is damaged in transit, Shipped Shield will replace or refund.


Delivery Services don't always get it right. Don't worry, if your package becomes lost, Shipped Shield has your back.


Porch Pirates are everywhere. Combat them by protecting your shipment with Shipped Shield. Stolen packages are replaced or refunded, hassle-free.


What is considered a damaged shipment?

A damaged item is considered as broken if it is clearly fractured, in unusable condition, shattered, crushed, and/or bent, where the damages were caused during the transit process.

Manufacturing defects, normal wear and tear or damage caused by insufficient packaging is not covered by the Shipped Shield Assurance Guarantee.

Damaged items must be reported in Shield within 7 days from the package Track delivered date.

My tracking information says the package was delivered, but I don't have it...what do I do?

  • A package is considered as stolen when a package is delivered, but missing. Proof of theft is required for stolen value greater than $100.

    Acceptable proof of theft are:
    • Police report
    • Security footage
    • Carrier letter
    • Incident report from an authority/leasing office

    Stolen packages must be reported in Shield no sooner than 7 days after the last Track update and no later than 14 days from the package Track delivered date.

My package has been shipped, but there's been no movement on my tracking for several days, is it lost?

A package is considered as lost if
(1) the package is shipped but not delivered and there are no tracking update for at least 7 days or
(2) the package was undeliverable due to invalid address or any other delivery issues and the package is returned to sender.

Lost packages must be reported in Shield no sooner than 7 days after the last Track update and no later than 21 days from the last Track update.

How does Replacements & Refunds work?

When a request is approved, Shipped Shield will automatically issue a replacement for the item. If a replacement is not available, a refund will be issued.

When issuing a replacement, the item will ship free of charge to the customer.

When issuing a refund, Shipped Shield will only refund the subtotal of the item. Shipping costs, taxes and Shipped Shield costs are not included in the refund

I accidentally put the wrong address on my order and my package was delivered there, is it covered?

  • Shipped Shield does not handle order issues due to an incorrect address inputted by the customer.

What happens if the item I ordered cannot be replaced because it is out of stock?

If a replacement item is out-of-stock, Shipped Shield will issue a refund.

Do I need to provide proof that my item was damaged, lost or stolen?

Shipped Shield may request additional information to process a request. If the customer does not respond within 5 days, the issue will be automatically closed.

The customer can reopen the issue by responding to the original request as long as the reopen date falls within the reporting requirements.

I received my package and I am not satisfied with my items. Is it covered under Shipped Shield Insurance?

Shipped Shield cannot handle product returns if a customer is not satisfied with the product purchased. In this case, the customer will need to follow the standard return policy.

An item(s) was missing from my order, will it be covered by Shipped Shield Insurance?

If an order has multiple packages and one or more packages are missing, Shipped Shield will reorder the items in the missing packages.

Shipped Shield is unable to handle issues where an item is missing from the order and the package was not tampered with.